Opening and Closing

The orange bells curl open as the sun hits the edge of the petals. A sign that it is safe to be fully open and receive the light of the day. As the sun sets and the cool air swirls, a closing gently begins with each precious petal to let the day's brilliance steep for the night. The opening and closing of these delicate flowers is a reminder of ourselves-- each day, we open our eyes to the sun and let the day fill us with all the light it has to offer. We close into ourselves each night, to soak in all of that light and absorb the great brilliance of the day. Fully coming into our own. Fully coming into our own brilliance. To share that light with others. To begin again. To start anew. To receive and give. To be fully open and receptive to all that life has to offer in this moment and day. 



Orange Bell Flowers

The Mirror

As I look out the window of darkness, 

I see a mysterious sight,

Of love and beauty standing alone in the moonlight. 

The mist in the room has blinded by now. 

And the heat has drawn out my tears of sweat. 

As I go to the door of horror, I see that the frame is chipped and burned with envy and murder. 

Running now from this sight, 

I come upon a dark, but enchanting mirror. 

This mirror shows a better world,

of happiness flowing through a river of joy. 

And all the hearts of humanity are neither filled with hatred nor evil. 

As adoring as this world seems, I gaze into it wishing I was there.