She fell in love at age 5.

Ocean waves crash into the sand. Kisses her feet.

Eyes glitter against the clear blue waters.

Turquoise with a splash of sky blue and mountain granite.

Sweet, salty mist of air.

Salt crystals form on her cheek.

Who knew that 30 years would be like this?

Waves crashing in and out. The ebb and flow of life.

Loves lossed. Loves gained.

Why don’t you call me father? Why do you have to go mother?

I don’t understand, don’t you love me?

Darkness enveloped her heart to create a boundary between the cruel world and her soft heart.

She dimmed that light inside. Softened to a glow that only she could see and only she could let out when she felt safe.

A fire lit one night late. As she heard the screams coming from the other room.

The pounds of boot on flesh.

Ribs cracking.

Blood splashing.

Desperate cries for help.

Stop. Enough.

The warrior rose within her.

Fighting to make things right. To stop the violence. To stop the pain. But it didn’t stop.

Once the warrior awoke, it could never lie sleep again.

Through every heartache, through every trial, through every tribulation, through every loss, through every celebration.

And yet forgotten.

Overlooked by the glitters and glam of Prakriti.

The outside world of instant gratification, distraction, attachment.

Perseverance. Resilience. Moving Forward.

Lovers came and went. And she moved on. Opening her heart little by little.

But still encased with that darkness and fear.

Everyone knew her strength, her courage, her resiliency. Except for her.

As she walked the earth step by step, alone. Lost. Searching for that place called home.

She thought she found it. A great love. A deep love. A powerful love.

A flash of light. A look. A word. A moment. And then gone.

Heart cracked, split open and severed. Fallen to the ground. Sunk to the earth. Curled up. Confused. Broken. Uncertain.

She awoke one day in the presence of others.

Seekers just liker her.

Seeking to be seen.

Seeking to be heard.

Seeking to be loved.

Seeking to unleash the beauty hiding within.

Seeking to unleash that warrior within.

A feeling of home overwhelmed her as she looked around in the eyes and hearts in this room.

She had never been here before, physically, yet there was a familiar feeling.

A feeling of wholeness.

Of comfort.

Of aliveness.

She looked behind and realized all that had led her to this moment.

All the heartache. All the anguish. All the trials. All the joys.

All brought her here, to this very moment.

A return home. A rebirth.

To unfurl her butterfly wings and fly.