Inviting Possibility

It has been just over two months since I left San Francisco, where I called home for over 10 years, to travel east to my home state of Florida. It was quite an adventure traveling across country solo-- one that had me filled with gratitude each mile of the way, all 3,266 miles. I had the privilege to spend time with dear friends in cities across the U.S., visit small towns that were on my bucket list (like Marfa, TX), and reconnect with distant family all to arrive home after 20+ years of being away building my life. 


It's been an interesting two months, which interesting is such a boring word as it doesn't really explain the depth of that you're trying to describe. It's been more like unexpectedly transformational. I knew this time in South Florida would be a time of reconnection and healing, especially related to my grandmother's passing last year. But little did I know that after traveling all over the U.S. attempting to make a new home and community for myself, that I would find my way back right where it all started, to feel peace and a sense of centeredness. There's more to share, but all of that will come in time through my writings here and in my book (yes, that's right!). Stay tuned...

With this unexpected experience of groundedness, it has me reflecting on how we come back to a place, a person, or an experience with a new lens, with new eyes to see and feel what might be different. We can often go into experiences with our own idea of what the outcome will be-- what we will feel like, what we will be on the other side of it, what may occur for us. I took a huge leap moving here and with that I moved through immense fear and chose to change my mindset about how I will experience the world and this time here in South Florida. This month I'm focusing my mindset on inviting possibility, moving from limited thinking to possibility thinking.

It's a practice that I've adopted for quite some time and I've chosen to be super intentional this next month with this mindset. I've seen so much come out of just saying to myself, well, what if it all works out?! Instead of saying, what if it doesn't work out? 

When we invite possibility into our minds and our lives, we begin to allow all that we've experienced before to fall away so that we can have this beginner's mind and truly observe and absorb what's in front of us, rather than being distracted by what our mind tells us to experience. Now of course, this is a very simple explanation and I'm not speaking to traumatic or frightening experiences, I'm speaking to everyday occurrences. Starting small will help us make this possibility thinking into a habit where we begin to heal old wounds, make peace with pain, and feel more free, experiencing the world with a clearer sense. 

I welcome you to join me this month to invite possibility. See what ways you can say why not?instead of I can't. See how you might be able to shift from limited thinking to possibility thinking, removing the walls of what you think is possible to building walls of believing it is possible. 

Write down all the dreams of you have and post them where you can see them everyday. Look in awe at them, imagining what it will feel like to have your dreams accomplished. 

Invite Possibility  when you're presented with opportunities to connect with others. Consider how you may allow yourself to be more open to the world and those around you. 

Explore this path of possibility to see what is capable of unfolding for you.