We Remember

We all experience woundedness in our hearts. Life throws us a ton of experiences that can challenge our ways of being, our ability to allow our hearts to remain open. We lock her up, bandage up the wounds, and close ourselves and our hearts off to prevent any further damage. And when we do this, we're often unable to see past the woundedness for what is possible beyond it. We get so focused on the pain that we forget there is a world outside of the pain in our hearts.

We forget the beauty that surrounds.

We forget how resilient our hearts and spirit is and has been our entire life. That this recent experience of pain is teaching a lesson we can't quite see yet. A lesson we might have heard before, or yearned for in the past.

We forget that this pain is fleeting in the span of a lifetime.

We forget that only through pain and darkness can we experience the light and love around and within us.

We forget ourselves in the process of burying our pain, in the process of closing up and burying up our heart. 

And then one day, we wake up and remember that we are not broken.

That we are whole.

That we are loved.

That we are love.

That our woundedness does not define us, but strengthens us.

We remember.

And we walk ourselves slowly back home. To our hearts. To the love within.

And like a caged bird, we release and let her fly. 

Photo taken in San Francisco, CA

Photo taken in San Francisco, CA